Versant programs have a LOT of applicants. Focus on whatever positive professional things about you that you can think of, and also tie in how you became passionate about nursing and the specific area of nursing that you are interviewing for. There’s not much time to calm your nerves before you’re expected to talk, and the managers can sometimes appear cold and uninterested already. Why is the current nurse leaving this position? Any discussions during the interview should center around these things - The company, the position, and your qualifications. Classes? Was 2 hours long but only talked for about 30 minutes total. This doesn’t mean that preparation isn’t necessary though… besides preparing for interview questions, which we’ll get to later, there are so many other aspects to the interview that you need to prepare for. I enjoyed reading your post, hawkesbe. There may be some side conversations as everyone is getting situated. I’ve gotten to a point where … Interview Tips for New Graduate Nurses Read More » The interview isn’t just looking to learn more about your qualifications; they want to know what you think is important to discuss in an interview and how you believe that matches up to the job listing. Interview Questions. Things like that. The person conducting the interview will be prepared to go beyond the “Tell me about yourself” type questions. Well, (smiling) currently I’m in my last semester of nursing school. And try to avoid general cliche answers of “I want to help people.” It’s okay to open up, dig a little deeper and show some emotion! Finally, I try to be pleasant -- show that I am a happy person with a stable, happy personal life -- in other words, a person who will be pleasant to work with and not bring a lot of troubles or whining to work. I want an environment where I can grow professionally. Has 43 years experience. I take such questions as an opportunity to say anything I want them to know about me -- including the things they want to ask but can't because it is illegal if those things are to my benefit. A tale: I ask a ton of questions because I always want to learn. Tell me about yourself Answer Question; ... Did a brief but fast paced phone interview, went to New Graduate Interview Day which was a room full of many new grad nurses, nurse managers, and HR staff. If there are some aspects of your personal life that would be attractive to the employer, use them. It may be illegal for them to ask certain questions, but it is not illegal for me to volunteer that information if it is going to help my case. Interview Questions Tell me about yourself. Give an example of a time you handled a stressful situation. Although I still get plenty of rejections and am by no means “an expert,” I’ve learned from my mistakes and have been able to fine tune the skill of interviewing enough to hopefully help you land that job! This also contributed very greater to my interest in pursuing nursing as a career. Make it fairly short and concise, concentrate on why you applied for the position and why you are qualified, and show enthusiasm for the position and the facility.  Do this whenever you can! At first, I relied heavily on and other websites for interview tips and practice questions, but after a while I felt like I found my groove and had a pretty good idea of what to expect. I tell them a little about my professional career path to date, my professional likes/dislikes, etc. Explain why you decided to take the path towards becoming a nurse, and emphasize what unique traits you have that show that you are made to be a nurse working on a(n) ____ floor. I love to cook and to try the foods of other cultures. How many weeks? If you enjoyed my article, please check out my blog at Of course, it can also be … I would never volunteer anything else like my marital status or age or any other info that is forbidden to ask about. (Trust me, I'm a Nurse Interviewer for my hospital's Versant Residency Program ). (specialty and population of patients). Yes! A: I’m a very energetic person and a good communicator. As nurses, we don’t show up to work with our hair done and face full of make up. Now you have a chance to prove yourself! I have been a hiring manager before, and I never cared about an applicant's hobbies, etc... Edited Apr 9, 2015 by singwithme123 Season 2, Episode 7, Tips for New Grad Nurses on Resumes, Applications, and Interviews Show Notes – FRESHRN; Leave a Reply Cancel reply. During nursing school, I realized that had a particular interest in cardiac nursing, and this is why I applied for the position on your unit. Read the ‘About’ page on the hospital’s website and at least be familiar with it. (reason: shows values alignment, work life balance, fun personality), The new grad who prepares and nails the interview- lands the job! Regardless of your profession, there are certain questions you always want to prepare for when it comes to interviewing. And dont be afraid to say so. This is a question I am anxious about. My family is so proud and that means so much to me" (reason: says you are goal oriented, speaks to family values, and conveys genuineness). This interview question does cause anxiety. Tell me about your background. This is just the worst case scenario! She always asked for a booth in my station." Academic - 10-15% of your answer should then be about your academic … [RELATED: How To Craft The Perfect New Grad Nursing Resume] 3. Nursing recruiters have their choice of applicants, which means you'll have to ace the job interview to find yourself employed. Not your accomplishments that give you pieces of paper, you. I’ve always worn a blazer with a pair of dress pants/skirt and nice business looking flats. Making the transition from nursing student to nurse is stressful. I answer another #heysean question from the tribe. You have just a few minutes to make an impression and set yourself apart. Dress for success 2. When ever I interview I answer questions as they relate to the job and that's it. Understand a bit about the position and have answers as to how your being there is of benefit and will positively affect the bottom line. I don't think they want to know what your hobbies are, in fact I think some managers might think that weird if you reveal anything personal. What are your hobbies? Tell Me About Yourself. Here’s another example: Tell me about your greatest strength. The correct answer is one that gives the interviewer insight into what unique skills, talents and attitudes you can bring to the unit. Breathe and try to be yourself! Our members represent more than 60 professional nursing specialties. Don’t say that you are just trying to get med/surg experience as a stepping stone. My mother was a nurse and when I was growing up I saw the satisfaction she gained by helping others. I definitely think it helped give a better picture of the type of person I am. To narrow it down, think about what aspects you want them to know about. But then back it up with what specifically differentiates you. Don’t sweat it though. I would caution you against sharing some of the personal information mentioned above. You may be directed to park at a specific lot, so figure out where the lot is in relation to the hospital. How would you say you perform under pressure? Care. It still looks professional and the interviewer knows I put in effort. By being prepared. Just tell me what makes you the best. Be willing to highlight being a team player. I interviewed recently, and shared some personal information. How did you learn about us? Some hospitals with high turnover are looking for loyalty, for instance. The easy answer is that you are the best person for the job. The candidate who recognizes what attractive features they have to offer an employer and highlights them in the interview is most likely to be a successful candidate. Im not going to make a decision to hire you, or not hire you, based on that one question, so just relax. In attitude, body language, and overall presentation of oneself it is of utmost importance to portray this humble impression to the interviewer. Tell them where you are now (present) in your job situation. ...and you're right, there is! Just customize your answers to CNA skills and duties. How do you spend your free time? A patient who didn’t agree with the plan of care, The patient who has had the most profound effect on you, A time where you needed to advocate for a patient. It’s never a waste of time.  At first, I relied heavily on and other websites for interview tips and practice questions, but after a while I felt like I found my groove and had a pretty good idea of what to expect. But if they see I've always worked consistently I don't think at my age it is an issue. Know the mission statement of the facility in which you are applying. Another example is for an out-of-town candidate to bring up the fact that she has close family members living in the area, indicating a desire to stay in the area long-term. So you will need to prepare for an HR interview as rigorously as you would a conversation with a hiring manager when considering a nurse practitioner position. Has 15 years experience. I learned the different modalities, the company core values and what was expected of an incenter dialysis nurse and told the interviewer how I might be able to contribute positively to the unit and its goals. What can I talk about? BTW, I love your avatar. If they have a website, this can be checked easily. Will I be trained to float to other floors? Tell me about yourself. I always ask, professionally or personally? Know evidence based practice, and example it with a paper you are proud of. Here's an example: "I just passed my NCLEX and I love writing ", , BSN" after my name! Specializes in Leadership, Psych, HomeCare, Amb. looking for Summa Cum Laude; they are looking for a Good Fit for their nursing unit. OP, it helps to review the company's core values/mission statement. Where would you travel given the chance? This gives you time to miss a few turns, look for parking, and still arrive at least 10-15 minutes early. (reason: shows customer service (very important to hospitals right now), compassion, and prioritization skills), Future: "What I really want to tell you about myself is...I see myself here at Happy Hospital because when I did my Clinical Rotation on 4S I noticed the teamwork and sensed the supportive atmosphere. It shows you have drive, ambition and vision. Think about yourself and your unique qualities. I’ll be upfront… If you’re interviewing for a position in a new graduate residency in a big name hospital, be prepared for a very fast paced and not so personal interview. Every good answer to “tell me about yourself” should consist of: Work - This should make up about 80% of your answer. Your "tell me about yourself" response should go something like this: "I decided to get into nursing when I was 8 years old because I knew that I wanted to be able to take care of others.